Thank you for choosing the Spearhead barrel tuner! We are confident our barrel tuner will provide the optimal tune for your rifle. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us, your satisfaction is our highest priority. We sincerely appreciate your support and thank you once again.

Barrel tuner installation instructions

Please note: Barrel tuner adapter is compatible for use up to .338 caliber, do not use any caliber larger than .338.

Barrel tuner will fit a barrel muzzle diameter up to 1.075” at two inches behind the muzzle shoulder.

If non self-timing muzzle brakes are used, crush washers are required to time and index the muzzle brake.

Installation procedure if using barrel tuner behind muzzle devices.

Remove all cartridges, ensure the firearm is completely unloaded.

Screw tuner adaptor to muzzle threads, tighten adaptor with ⅞” or adjustable wrench.

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