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Accuracy Development Solutions is dedicated in providing the best firearm systems held to the highest standards of precision.

Every build is put together with the utmost care and precision while using carefully selected components that have been tried, tested and proven in the industry. We strive to eliminate the equipment variable so you can have 100% confidence in your rifle.

Your source for Canadian made Rugged and Reliable sport shooting and outdoors accessories. PRS shooting bags, belts, slings, and more.

Canada's Gun Store (CGS) is probably, arguably, the most personable, comfortable, and light-hearted gun shop online, serving licensed Canadian gunnies from coast to coast.

With us, you can always shoot for more. Visit the online gun store to stock and load for your shooting hobbies, adventures, and sports. From Eh to Zed, we ship Canada-wide.

Canadian retail firearm store specializing in all things guns, hunting and fishing. Buy your guns worry-free knowing that we ship our guns locally, offer secure online checkout, and will do our best to help you in any way possible.

For all your hunting, fishing and camping needs. We're your source for new and used firearms, antique & collectible guns, rare gun parts, obsolete ammunition, bows, fishing gear, ammo, clothing, and more.

At EM Precision Rifles, we can help you build your dream rifle, or help add to your extensive collection.
We will help your with your Ground up builds! With decades of experience and insight into what's the best performing and most cost effective way to build, EMP will ensure you get what your looking for.

A family business dedicated to serving the North Island for over 30 years. Whether you are looking for a truck gun, a collector's item, or a brand new firearm, chances are we have something in stock that will interest you. Check out our database or come in and see our selection in person!

Large selection of rifle shooting and reloading supplies.

L'Armurier se spécialise dans la modification et l'entretien d'armes à feu sans restrictions.

Sound advice and friendly service for everything from agronomy to petroleum, heavy duty mechanics.

Renowned online gun store & shop in Canada offering a wide range of products. Explore them right away.

Sale of regular assortment of new and used firearms, ammunition and accessories. Specialized service, modification and repair of firearms.

Your source of information about firearms, reloading, modifications and general advice.

Specialize in performance firearms and tactical specialty products for military, law enforcement and civilians. Our products, services and training are used by many police tactical units across Canada.

For high end shooting supplies for various shooting disciplines. Large stock of rimfire ammunition.

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What started as an email list circulated by word of mouth evolved into a full service business through the passionate and knowledgeable customer service we are known for today. We are competitors, hunters, reloaders and collectors.

We are devoted to helping the law abiding responsible citizen be appropriately armed for any situation be it hunting, competition or self defense! We buy, sell and trade classic and modern firearms, ammunition and related sporting goods.


Opticien Lunetier de métier, grâce à un diplôme en étude technique des systèmes optiques (connaissances sur les traitements anti-reflets, indices de réfractions, indices de transmission,parcours d'images virtuelles, technique d'assemblages..), Opt'yss vous propose une gamme complète de système de visée: lunette de tir, longue vue, jumelle....

For all your optic needs, please visit our good friends at

Apex Optics is a Canadian sporting optics company based in Calgary, Alberta. Visit us for rifle scopes, binoculars and more.

For all your photography needs, please visit our good friends at

B & R Photography specializes in Product, Macro, Landscape and Wildlife Photography.

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