Spearhead Henry X Model Muzzle Brake


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Designed for your Henry X Model and Henry Big Boy X Model lever action rifles. Greatly reduces recoil while keeping a sleek low profile. Available in;

45-70 Gov’t

.45 Colt

.44 Magnum

.44 Spl

.360 Buckhammer

.357 Magnum

.38 Spl

30-30 Winchester


Proprietary true 2 baffle design. 90 degree radial ports intersect to create expansion chambers and forms true baffles for maximum recoil reduction with no concussion. Really stops the “Thump”. Not your average radial muzzle brake.


.840″ in diameter. Muzzle brake is back tapered for a flush fit. Only adds 1.125″ forward of your barrel muzzle. (Back tapered to .750″ on the Henry X Model / Big Boy X Model).


Installs easily without strap wrenches, a tensioning key is included to ensure solid lockup.


Precision machined for exceptional fit and finish.


Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, therefore we offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. For any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will arrange a full refund, no questions asked.


Give yourself the edge in hunting you deserve, get your Spearhead 2 baffle radial muzzle brake today.



Diameter: .840″

Length: 1.750″

Weight: 50g / 1.764oz

Material: 303 stainless steel for exceptional corrosion resistance and strength.


Muzzle Brake installation instructions can be found HERE.

Weight .350 kg
Dimensions 7.62 × 5.08 × 5.08 cm
Thread Pitch

Henry X/Big Boy X 5/8-24, Marlin 1895 11/16-24


Spearhead Machine


Spearhead Machine


Black Nitride, Stainless, Satin


30-30 Winchester, .360 Buckhammer/.357/.38 Spl, 45-70/.45 Colt/.44 Mag/.44 Spl


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